abstract paintings and sculptures by Lisa Brugger
prosperity blue

testimonials - commissions



Sasha Carter, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA   Adoration completed July 2010

My experience with Lisa has been a very pleasant and enjoyable one.  I was looking for custom art and from the beginning she was there every step of the way.  I originally told her what I was looking for, which was artwork over our bed.  She then came to our house to meet with me so that we could discuss the art and the process.  I showed her the 2 duvets that we use on our bed so that she could match the colors (and she did perfectly!) and then Lisa and I both decided, with her suggestion, that a triptych would be the way to go and Lisa measured everything.  I didn’t have to do a thing.  I know she is a very busy artist, but her completion of my art was very quick and she brought it to me when it was done, sign, sealed and delivered.  When my boyfriend and I put it up on the wall above our bed, we were both so happy.  To this day, I look at it every time I enter the bedroom and know that there is a secret perfect message painted into each one of the pieces that I did not know about until I got the art and it is SO beautiful.  If you are wondering what those messages are and how she does it, you will have to ask Lisa.  My boyfriend and I have a very blank wall in our TV room and we are looking to commission Lisa for that as well.  I love Lisa’s art!  It just makes me feel good!!


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